Unicorn Wall Decor

Get this minimalist Unicorn Theme Decor on your loved ones birthday.



  • 150 Mettalic Latex Balloons(Inflated with Air)
  • Any three colors of your choice
  • 1 Unicorn Shape Foil Balloon
  • 1 Cake Shape Foil Balloon
  • 2 Star Shape Foil Balloons
  • Happy Birthday Cursive Paper Banner
  • 2 Silver Foil Curtains
  • Ribbons hanging with the balloons
  • Only 15 single balloons with ribbons can be placed on the ceiling and rest are placed in the form of bunches or free-floating on the floor according to your choice.
  • Inclusive of all charges

Things to Know

  • Decor will be done at your selected place and time.
  • Please Arrange a stool or ladder for the decorators according to the height of the ceiling
  • Please connect with us on 9518286483 for any kind of customization.
  • Price will decrease if you reduce anything from the inclusions